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Applying the Expertise

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WiMAC's Central Management System Logo WiMAC has developed a revolutionary Central Management System (CMS) that is providing Local Authorities the freedom and flexibility to manage their street lighting stock in a way they have never been able to previously, by remotely dimming street lighting whilst at the same time monitoring energy usage.

Working in conjunction with licensees, the WiMAC CMS, which took over 6 years to develop, has been rigourously tested in field trials, ensuring that the system is robust and ready to be widely deployed.

The WiMAC CMS is already in operation in many local Local Authorities across the UK including, Westminster, Somerset, Durham, NE Lincolnshire, Luton, Cornwall, Kirklees, York, Bradford - in Europe, Heerlen (Netherlands), Zürs, Lech (Austria) - in Australia, Hobart and Canberra.

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Benefits of WiMAC Central Management System Logo

  • Remotely monitor and control street lights using our web based interface.
  • Dim street lights.
  • Reduce carbon emissions - meeting Carbon Reduction Commitements (CRC) and Climate Change objectives.
  • Monitor energy usage - reducing energy costs.
  • Eliminate night scouting - limiting maintenance costs.
  • Set group profiles - street light operation taylored to specific needs.

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